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White/Policy/Position Papers

Creation. Collaboration. Review. Analysis. Dissemination &/or exposure to (select) members of a large high-quality network.


Proofing. Editing. Creation. Collaboration. Articles. Papers. e-Books. Books.


Management. Consulting. Transition Guidance.

Military to civilian career transition consulting

Entrepreneurial/Start-up Advising

Select IT advising

Management Consulting


Professional network introductions

A network of 15,000+ professionals growing daily with close to 50% senior level executives, nearly 40% of whom are C-level executives.
C-level & senior executives in virtually every commercial industry that exists, such as IT & technology, social media, online companies, networking, security, virtually every pro team in all four major sports, international sports, clothing, retail, beverages, food, automobiles, airlines, transportation, travel, mining, steel, oil, jewelry, music, media, television, film, art, entertainment, telephony, finance & banking, legal, human resources & recruiters, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, engineering, science & research, space, nuclear power, weapons, virtually all of the major defense contractors, consulting companies, nonprofit agencies & organizations, think tanks, academia (including the most important research labs), state governments, the military, military academies & universities, DARPA, DIA, DISA, DRTA, the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs, virtually every U.S. federal government agency (FCC, FTC, SEC, USPS, NNSA, NASA, the national labs, NIH, HHS, DOA, DOE, Justice, DoD, the Interior, State, DHS, ATF, Secret Service, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.), Congress, U.S. Senate, National Security Council, The White House, numerous international companies, governments & governmental leaders, militaries in over 15 countries, nuclear companies & agencies in over 45 countries, EUROPOL, INTERPOL, the European Parliament, EC, IEAE, NATO, international embassies, the World Bank, WTO, the United Nations, the UN Security Council, etc.

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