Scott C. Holstad


Scott C. Holstad is the founding member of WireMe Designs, LLC. He holds degrees from the University of Tennessee, California State University Long Beach, and Queens University of Charlotte. He nearly completed a fourth degree at UCLA, has done some post-graduate work at the University of Michigan, and attended Western State University College of Law.

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Gretchen vanostrand

CMO, Art Director

Gretchen VanOstrand is the co-founder of WireMe Designs, LLC and honed her marketing and design skills through many years in the healthcare industry. She has studied at the University of Michigan and the University of London. She has extensive managerial experience, and excellent writing and editing skills, with numerous publishing credits to show for it. Gretchen plays a huge role in the company’s growth and direction.

Chris Duncan


Chris Duncan holds degrees from Virginia Intermont College and Queens University of Charlotte. He gained roughly two decades of business experience in the manufacturing industry, as well as extensive experience teaching at the college level while also starting his own publishing company before coming to WireMe. Chris likes to stay in the background while exercising his business expertise steering the ship.

Harris Schwartz


Harris Schwartz is a global leader in the security field. He helped create leading cybersecurity industry standards and has led the way in the fight against international cybercrimes. He has served in numerous security roles, typically as director of security, for companies as diverse as EarthLink Network, UUNET, Excite, Wells Fargo, Levi Strauss, the Walt Disney Company, and more. He has served as an advisory board member for many organizations. Harris is an incredible asset and a valued member of the leadership team.

Our history

WireMe Designs, LLC was the brainchild of founder Scott Holstad and partner Gretchen VanOstrand in late 2015. They spent innumerable hours researching and brainstorming and ultimately devised a solid business model for a new company. Originally the company was designed to be a full service web development shop, complete with custom website design, development, custom logo and graphic design, comprehensive web hosting services offering over 500 TLDs and nearly 100 SSL certificates, as well as customized site maintenance packages, network architecting, security services, and full editorial services. They invested substantial capital in cutting edge custom hardware acquisitions, software acquisitions, multiple gigabit lines run into their Chattanooga, Tennessee offices, and developed several partnerships. They then brought others on board and became an official company in mid-2016. Unfortunately, shortly after they obtained their first clients, situations developed which necessitated delaying further work for an extensive period. The company resumed working on various projects until mid-2018, when Scott’s health started to unexpectedly deteriorate. Meanwhile, the company was transitioning its primary focus to new & different areas & fields (that can be found on the homepage). Unfortunately, by the time summer was ending, the officers agreed to put the company on indefinite hiatus, pending Scott’s health status. At the present, the members of the company are pursuing other projects. Initially, Scott agreed to continue to take on select projects. Scott has had access to other team members should potential future select projects require their expertise.

WireMe Designs, LLC actually had a predecessor. In late 1993, Scott founded WireMe Consulting in Beverly Hills, California. During the decade that Scott ran the company, he helped to develop Internet strategies, architected network designs, wrote user manuals and other forms of documentation, and designed commercial websites for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Additionally, he offered extensive cybersecurity services, ranging from wide ranging testing of all available security applications on hundreds of live “in the wild” viruses to physical security to education (various seminars to technology experts and government officials, including the FBI) to network testing and redundant, comprehensive security development strategies. Scott decided to close the business in 2003 to concentrate on going back to graduate school for another graduate degree.

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