Scott C. Holstad

Scott Holstad is the Founder, President & COO of WireMe Designs, LLC. He holds degrees from the University of Tennessee, California State University Long Beach, & Queens University of Charlotte. He did post-graduate work toward a degree in data communications (electrical engineering) at UCLA, but had to relocate before he could finish. He has also done post-graduate work in IT at the University of Michigan, & attended Western State University College of Law. He has been a professor at several academic institutions, & has had a unique career. He’s been a writer & editor in virtually every publishing medium that exists, including newspaper, magazine, book, digital & online publishing. He has published journalism, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, commentary, analysis, blogs, consumer-oriented technical articles, technical articles & papers, foreign policy articles & analysis, white papers, scientific pieces, peer reviewed academic papers & has published over 15 books (prior to the self publishing craze), one of which was nominated for the 1996 Pulitzer Prize. He has also appeared in numerous anthologies, edited an advanced medical textbook, contributed to a book on Deming’s work on Statistical Process Control methods, & ghostwritten varied books. His print work has appeared in at least 35 countries & nine languages. Additionally, he has knowledge & experience in research, operations management, leadership, business development, project/program management, proposal writing, advertising, market research/analysis, logistics, data, analytics, blockchain, web design, CAD & schematics, information systems, operating systems, HW/SW, system architecture, RPi3MB, Arduino, boutique computers, networking, TCP/IP, cybersecurity, malware, Internet architecting, cloud computing, systems engineering, quantum field theory, physics (theoretical, particle), nuclear engineering/power/security/(non)proliferation/weapons/policy, EMP, EW, IW/AW,  intel/CI, policy, foreign affairs, international relations, defense, military, strategy, NATO/UN, China/East Asia, Eurasia, analysis, employee development, teaching, mentoring, coaching, career transition management, law, litigation, TBI/neuroscience research & extensive entrepreneurial experience, having started five successful companies. He has worked everywhere from small family-owned businesses to medium & large corporations, including EarthLink Network & Plantronics, & has been instrumental in growing many businesses.

In addition to Scott’s listed experience, he has done research in, has written on & can converse on subjects as diverse as AI/ML, information theory, biology, quantum mechanics/physics/gravity/computing, electrical engineering, aerospace, biometrics, theistic religions, philosophy, history, automation, military history, government, political science/theory, audiophilia, music grading,  nano, cyberwarfare, modern & post-modern British & American literature, Cubism/Surrealism, the UN’s SDGs, social media marketing, limited nuclear warfare, think tanks, malware analysis, data science, deep learning, neural networks & quite a bit more. Personal hobbies include collecting fine art, rare vinyl, sports collectibles, quality firearms, autographed books & custom built high-end computers.

Scott has served on the Board of Directors for the University of Tennessee Alumni HC Ch, & was the Vice President Membership for STC, SGV Ch. He has played an active role with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) & Data Science Central. He currently is a member of roughly 100 LinkedIn groups, many of them specialized & vetted, as well as the following professional organizations:

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