Scott C. Holstad

Scott Holstad is the Founder, President & COO and of WireMe Designs, LLC. He holds degrees from the University of Tennessee, California State University Long Beach, & Queens University of Charlotte. He did post-graduate work toward a degree in data communications at UCLA, but had to relocate before he could finish. He has also done post-graduate work at the University of Michigan, & attended Western State University College of Law. He has been a professor at several academic institutions, & has had a unique career. He’s been a writer & editor in virtually every publishing medium that exists, including newspaper, magazine, book, digital & online publishing. He has published journalism, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, commentary, analysis, blogs, consumer-oriented technical articles, technical articles & papers, foreign policy articles & analysis, white papers, peer reviewed academic papers & 15 books, one of which was nominated for the 1996 Pulitzer Prize. He has also appeared in numerous anthologies, edited an advanced medical textbook, contributed to a book on Deming’s work on Statistical Process Control methods, & ghostwritten varied books. His print work has appeared in at least 30 countries & eight languages. Additionally, he has knowledge & experience in research, operations management, leadership, business development, project/program management, proposal writing, advertising, market research/analysis, logistics, data, analytics, blockchain, web design, CAD & schematics, information systems, operating systems, HW/SW, system architecture, RPi3MB, Arduino, boutique computers, networking, TCP/IP, cybersecurity, malware, Internet architecting, cloud computing, systems engineering, quantum field theory, physics (theoretical, particle), nuclear engineering/power/security/(non)proliferation/weapons/policy, EMP, EW, IW/AW,  intel/CI, policy, foreign affairs, international relations, defense, military, strategy, NATO/UN, China/East Asia, Eurasia, analysis, employee development, teaching, mentoring, coaching, career transition management, law, litigation, TBI/neuroscience research & extensive entrepreneurial experience, having started five successful companies. He has worked everywhere from small family-owned businesses to medium & large corporations, including EarthLink Network & Plantronics, & has been instrumental in growing many businesses.

In addition to Scott’s listed experience, he has done research in, has written on & can converse on subjects as diverse as AI/ML, information theory, biology, quantum mechanics/physics/gravity/computing, electrical engineering, aerospace, theistic religions, philosophy, history, military history, government, political science/theory, audiophilia, music grading,  cyberwarfare, modern & post-modern British & American literature, Cubism/Surrealism, the UN’s SDGs, social media marketing, limited nuclear warfare, think tanks, malware analysis, data science, deep learning, neural networks & quite a bit more. Just inquire.

Scott has served on the Board of Directors for the University of Tennessee Alumni HC Ch, & was the Vice President Membership for STC, SGV Ch. He has played an active role with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) & Data Science Central. He currently is a member of roughly 100 LinkedIn groups, many of them specialized & vetted, as well as the following professional organizations:

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