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We have done & continue to do a little bit of everything. First, we’re about Research. And we’ve written & published in just about every possible conceivable medium on subjects too numerous to count. We’ve assessed, advised, coached, tested, designed, strategized, studied data, statistics, history, patterns, predictive analytics, futurism & we offer/produce quality analysis. We’ve also designed & archtitected networks & systems, provided custom web hosting services, security systems, custom websites, graphics of all types & more. Additionally, we’ve offered management consulting services, business development, document & policy review/analysis, product testing & review, IT advising, professional networking services, career management & transition advising, advising in fields such as electronic warfare, IW/AW, intelligence/counterintelligence, nuclear, AI/ML, quantum field theory and other fields of physics, foreign affairs, policy & analysis (with a special emphasis on China/East Asia and generally the entire Indo-Pacific region), human resources, healthcare, & more. We offer value added services at virtually every level & in most fields that are needed through our extensive network of SME contractors & specialists. Feel free to contact us about your project.

WireMe Advantages


Our leadership team has over 95 years' of collective real world business experience. We have experience in a wide range of fields and industries at virtually every level. We can accommodate most clients' needs rather easily & we have, or have access to, the resources needed to successfully complete projects on time & under budget.


Research. Academia. Information Technology. Cloud Computing. Network Engineering. Security. Manufacturing. Publishing. Healthcare. Human Resources. Cyber. Design. Market Research & Analysis. Entrepreneurship. Marketing. Advertising. Business Development. International Relations. Politics. Policy -- Foreign & Domestic. Analysis. Information/Electronic Warfare. Military. PMCs. Intel/CI. IW/AW. Nuclear. Quantum. AI/ML. Data. Risk Assessment. Management. Advising. Teaching. Team Leadership. Mentoring. Consulting. Professional Networking.

Some Of Our Clients


Scott C. Holstad

President, COO

Scott C. Holstad is the founding member of WireMe Designs, LLC.  He holds degrees from the University of Tennessee, California State University Long Beach, and Queens University of Charlotte. He did extensive post-graduate work toward a fourth degree at UCLA, but had to relocate before finishing. He has also done post-graduate work at the University of Michigan, and attended Western State University College of Law. He plays a role in nearly every aspect of the business and tends to often find himself the “public face” of the company. Find out more about Scott by clicking on the link below.

Read more about Scott here.

Gretchen vanostrand

CMO, Art Director

Gretchen VanOstrand is the co-founder of WireMe Designs, LLC and honed her marketing and design skills through many years in the healthcare industry. She studied at the University of Michigan and the University of London. She has extensive managerial experience and excellent writing and editing skills with numerous publishing credits to show for it while also blazing new creative trails in our design work, in-house and for customers. Gretchen plays a huge role in the company’s branding, marketing leadership, growth and direction.

Chris Duncan


Chris Duncan holds degrees from Virginia Intermont College and Queens University of Charlotte. He gained over two decades of business experience in the manufacturing industry, as well as extensive experience teaching at the college level while simultaneously starting his own publishing company. And then he joined the leadership team at WireMe to display his combination of experience, knowledge, skills and leadership in “guiding the ship.” However, Chris prefers to stay in the background while exercising his business expertise steering the company in the right directions.

Harris Schwartz


Harris Schwartz is a global leader in the security field. He helped create leading cybersecurity industry standards and has led the way in the fight against international cybercrimes, working extensively with local, national and international security organizations and law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and INTERPOL. He has served in numerous security roles, typically as director of security, for companies as diverse as EarthLink Network, UUNET, Excite, Wells Fargo, Levi Strauss, the Walt Disney Company, and more. He has served as an advisory board member for many organizations. Harris is an international security leader/SME, an incredible asset and a valued member of the leadership team.


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"Top fellow. Great communications and service."
Robert Lindsay
Ramp Audio Ltd
“Working with Scott in the capacity that I did showed me first hand his dedication to excellence. His commitment to a project is 100% and his work ethic is something that we can all learn from.”
Carrie Woods
Catalyst North
“A good guy who is a pleasure to deal with.”
Todd Drootin
Lp Guru, Inc.